Our Competitive Advantage

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Our Competitive Advantage

Competitive Edge

At Extrutech, we differentiate ourselves from the competition in several aspects. Firstly, our WPC products are of high quality, durable, and resistant, which translates to a real guarantee for our customers. Secondly, we offer exceptional service, with fast response times and a focus on customer satisfaction. Finally, our prices are attractive and stable, thanks to our vertically integrated supply chain.

Our Speciality

4X Capped Decking

Second generation 4X CAPP co-extruded deck with protective polymer layer, resistant to scratches, fading and stains. Give the best value to your outdoor space and forget about maintenance, it only requires cleaning.

Corner Angle

Designed to provide the greatest aesthetics to your residential or commercial projects, which allows installations made with first generation ceiling or deck to be covered from corner to corner.

Ceiling Light

Light profile easy to maneuver, manufactured and designed to be used on roofs and exterior walls of residential and commercial projects.